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Sabi Yordanov comes from a family with more than three centuries of history rooted in musicianship. From a very early age, he has been surrounded by professional musicians of many different fields and genres and fascinated with the power that music has to touch a person's soul in so many different ways. Thus he committed to the long journey of study and practice on the road of becoming a professional musician with his own sound and impact on the contemporary world of music.



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Sabi Yordanov loves collaborating with other musicians as well as performing solo for individuals and companies. If you’re looking for a top musician who will be a pleasure to work with on Live Performances, look no further. Whatever your musical need is,  Sabi Yordanov is here to make sure it is met in the most professional way.



You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found a top musicians to work with. With an ability to bring a distinctive sound to every project they work on, you’ll love working with Equinox String Quartet. If you’re looking for a professional musicians to collaborate as part of your recording sessions, feel free to get in touch.





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