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Born to Play

Sabi Yordanov comes from a family with more than three centuries of history rooted in musicianship. From a very early age, he has been surrounded by professional musicians of many different fields and genres and fascinated with the power that music has to touch a person's soul in so many different ways. Thus he committed to the long journey of study and practice on the road of becoming a professional musician with his own sound and impact on the contemporary world of music.


With the love of all things music, performance and art, Sabi Yordanov seeks to continually develop, create, and share his musical artistry with the world. Having started playing at a young age, Sabi Yordanov has acquired various experience both on stage and in the recording studio. 

Sabi was born in 1995 in Rousse, Bulgaria and when he was only 4 years old he started his musical education at the “National School for Arts Professor Veselin Stoyanov”. 


Besides classical education, he has plenty of experience as a solo and orchestral performer as well as various chamber music projects.  He has won several prices in national and international competitions, such as International Competition “Franz Schubert” and the International “Anton Rubinstein” Competition. He has also worked together with artists such as David Russell, Ida Bieler, Irina Muresanu, Yosif Radionov, Mincho Minchev, Mario Hossen, Maria Prinz, and more.


Furthermore, he has taken part in international festivals like “Duchi d’Acquaviva“ in Atri and the international festival “March Music Days” Rousse. 

At the moment he is further developing his career doing studies  at “Robert Schumann Hochschule für Musik“ Düsseldorf with Ida Bieler. He performs repertoire by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, as well as his own compositions. 

In 2012 he wrote his own piece inspired by Bach's solo sonatas and partitas and in 2014 his own sonata for violin and piano. 


Besides all, he also is an very good partner in chamber music. He plays the first violin in his “Equinox Streichquartett” string quartet, founded in 2018. The quartet has their own repertoire and even though the quartet was founded not long ago, the artists have lots of and are very passionate about performing music together. 


Sabi Yordanov does not only play classical music, you can also find him making music for movies. In 2017 he composed the soundtrack for the movie "Are there free places in paradise" by one of his good friends from childhood Dayan Schaer.  With several friends, he also took part in the production of the show „The Golden DJ of Bulgaria”. The group has their own pieces with a lot of success and they traveled and played in several places around the country.

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